Thom Atkins
Thom Atkins

With Thom Atkins, Lettings Manager, Knight Frank, Aldgate

020 3823 9930

Thom, how long have you been in the property industry?
Eight years.

What areas of London have you worked in?
I’ve covered the majority of the City and East London, but also spent two years up in Hampstead, North London.

What’s the most impressive property you’ve dealt with?
Some of the larger properties in Hampstead were often quite impressive; carrying out tours on 32,000 square foot houses, on the market at £30,000 per week, doesn’t really get old!

What are the classic mistakes landlords make when trying to let their property?
Thinking that the less money you spend on things like furniture and decoration will equate to higher profits; it’s simply not true. It’s no surprise that even in real premier developments the landlords that provide the best-quality furniture always generate the highest rents with the best-quality tenants.

What’s the best thing about being an estate agent?
Meeting people; it’s always great to see people light up when they find their ideal home.

What three tips would you give someone looking to become an estate agent?
Be polite, be honest and work hard.

What advice do you give families when renting?
Find an agency that you trust and stick with them; there are so many agents working in today’s market that it can be easy to get lost and confused when viewing so many properties. So, having an agent that understands you and your specific needs is more important than being dragged around viewing properties just to fill your diary.

What should a property investor know about today’s market?
The market is massively product led, so marketing the property as a whole package is the key and this includes furniture. What we are experiencing at Knight Frank is that applicants will often move out of their preferred location for something that is special, so in a market flush with competition making sure your property stands out is a must.

Has the market changed much in the last five to ten years?
With demand being so high the time you have to make a decision is becoming shorter and shorter; even to the point now that it is quite common to miss out on a property over a matter of hours. My advice would be if you see something you like, just go for it.

Why would you recommend your agency?
Knight Frank as a brand are established and can draw on over 100 years of experience. We’re a partnership and our network of more than 370 offices worldwide gives us the strongest global property network on earth. We live in a transient world with constant movement of people and this network allows us to offer a service that is mirrored from country to country and office to office. It’s amazing how many people Knight Frank have dealt with in various locations and on numerous occasions.

Favourite city?
London; of course.
Favourite holiday destination?
Rio de Janiero.
Favourite art gallery?
Whitechapel Gallery.
Favourite restaurant?
Mission, Bethnal Green.
Favourite pub?
The Water Poet, Spitalfields.
Favourite book?
On The Road by Jack Kerouac.
Favourite ever album?
Gary Clark Jr. Live.
Favourite gadget?
Sad to say, but probably my iPhone.
Favourite Park?
London Fields.
Finally, Thom, what’s your guilty pleasure?
Peanut Butter M&M’s.