Now you see it!

Vanessa says decorating has changed with hundreds of makeover programmes on TV

Decorating has changed with hundreds of makeover programmes on TV advising the public how to paint over anything or everything. I think we have learned to bring in a professional and now accept that you get what you pay for. Our home or investment needs respect.

The only reason anyone would attempt to decorate their own property without any experience or knowledge is cost. If you think you can economise to raise the value, just repeat that sentence again and give it some thought. So, to help save money in other areas I have found a money-saving method for decorating; removable wallpaper, how cool is that!

If you have tenants, children or students that damage walls with fingerprints, scribbling and general damage you can simply remove and replace this amazing concept wallpaper without leaving residue on the walls; a superb solution for heavy-traffic areas in the home. What’s even better, you could have a summer and winter room. My grandmother had summer and winter curtains which I never really understood as a child but it was all about the weight and insulation. That concept has seeped into design across all uses. At Salford University I recently learned how homes are being designed and built in the future as part of a grid linked into energy requirements and consumption.

This has transferred through to the equipment within the home. From fridges linked to the internet that can calculate when foods are running low or expiring, to energy-efficient lower memory use settings when the house is empty etc.

We have now the technical ability through product function to live in an environment that can instantly be turned on and shut down when necessary, for instance, when the house is empty all day making the future home totally energy efficient. All of these items are linked to the internet for function and consumption management but designers must also remember that the home is a place where we live, relax, sleep and repair ourselves too.

The wellbeing this space provides is more than functionality be it long term or temporary accommodation, its purpose is to provide security, a haven of peace and relaxation and a place to entertain or sleep. It must be exciting, calming, empowering and comforting.

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE, SBID President